Is Medium bent on stopping its African writers from getting rich?

  1. There is a paywall
  2. The paywall is Medium’s and it is metered (meaning the payee would be paid upon the instance of some kind of count; the count had to be claps, Again, I was excited)
  3. This paywall was live on so many posts already and as the notification read, I wasn’t a part of it. I had to be.

The problem

Setting up payments (Stripe all through)
A screenshot from the Medium Partner Program FAQ

The Result

If medium says this much beautifully,

Screenshot from the Medium Partner Program page

Non-inclusiveness on a large scale

Qui, Non Afrique: Stripe Homepage

Medium has to rethink its payment system for its Partner Program as fast as possible, otherwise it begins to look as bad as companies like PayPal that strategically zone out African countries in the accessibility of their services.

The world is fast changing.



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David Ofiare

David Ofiare

A Nigerian Brand and Interface designer, big on technology, the world's greatest concepts, futurism and complex ideas of simple things.